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From its earliest beginnings in 1898 to the present day, the goal of The May Court Clubs of Canada has been to raise funds to serve and support women and children in need.

Canada's Longest Running Service Club

Founded in 1898 by Lady Isabel Aberdeen, a social pioneer and wife of Canada’s Governor General, the May Court Clubs of Canada have raised millions to serve and support vulnerable women and children in our communities. We have since grown to more than 1,500 members, in nine Ontario cities, who are also driven by the same spirt and passion of our Founder. The Waterloo Region Club alone has donated over $3.5 million to our community since its inception.


Since 1968, The May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo has been changing the lives of women and children in our community through unique outreach programming and creative fundraising efforts. We’ve contributed over $2.5 million in donations to both individuals and organizations across Waterloo Region. Our shared passion for helping those in need has fostered incredible friendships amongst our members, providing a unique opportunity for like-minded women to make memories while making a difference. Over the years, we’ve evolved in innovative ways in response to the community’s changing needs. We’re flexible and resilient, always focused on how we can best harness our resources to have the most impact.

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At the core of every strong community are people who genuinely care. The May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo is driven by a desire to make a difference, especially for women and children in our Region. Join us in creating a resilient community where compassion fuels lasting change.